Strength in Numbers

Floating in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, but of course we need to honour International Women’s Day!

We are the bearers of life, nurturers of souls. Left up to more female leaders, we’d have less war and more villages. More inclusion and less hostility. More love and less loneliness.

And like life likes to do, it continues to test my strength, but just like exercising muscles, I grow back stronger.

I have my well of strength from some strong female presences in my life - my mom, aunts, teachers, cousins, coworkers, friends and those on the internet who continue to stand up and claim what’s theirs. They say NO to injustice, to taking what’s offered and not what’s actually their due, and stand up for their worth.

To my mother, who shows me my well is deeper than it seems, and though hers feels empty, keeps supporting me from her reserves. I’m not sure who or what I’d be if it wasn’t for her.

I believe in showing my daughter there’s nothing wrong with being herself, and anyone who can’t accept that has the problem, not her. Respect goes both ways. Strength is beautiful, and it is her body, her choices. Values my own family taughtTo my fellow female entrepreneurs - you keep rocking it

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