One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

My list of things to do is usually at least a mile long. I have personal items on there, family items, business items, and no less than 50 'products I'd like to make at any given time (or dream about making, or to research the heck out of and then wait forever to make). This weekend, I tackled two - no wait, this blog makes three - things on said list.

Since our shampoo bars were such a hit, I decided to move conditioner bars up the list a bit. When I'm in research mode, I start with the chemistry portion of the equation - what do I want to make, and what should it be able to do? In this case, a solid conditioner bar that doesn't melt easily, travels well and actually conditions hair. So, where did I need to start? Add in that we aim to keep our products silicone free as much as possible, no parabens, formaldehyde donors or cheaper fillers, and ensuring most if not all ingredients are 2 or below on the EWG scale...this can take a bit. Oh, yeah, and making sure we have all raw ingredients in stock, too. We like being unique as well - what's the point of handcrafting if we all make the. exact. same. thing.

Gorgeous, flowing, soft conditioned hair. Burlington, Ontario.
This is not me.

So, long story short, I decided this was the weekend for it.

I measured all my ingredients together, gently melted them down...and then realized I didn't have my molds decided upon. Ooops. In the end, I went with one regular size mold for me to use, and a few smaller versions to send out as testers. So...if you ordered this weekend, you may end up with a mini conditioner bar, or deodorant to try out! Yes, I'm swell, I know. :)

I couldn't wait the day or so needed to let it set up fully, so I broke all the rules and used it today, along with a lemongrass shampoo bar. It'll take a few sessions before I fully render my verdict, but so far I really like it. I have really thick, coarse hair, and it felt like conditioner. My hair is soft, easy to brush and has less fly-aways than before. It feels good - but not quite like a bottle of liquid conditioner. I may tweak it again, or I may leave it as is - it is, after all, a solid bar, not liquid, with the exclusion of silicones to boot. Let's save some plastic, and the environment while we're at it.

The other thing I decided to do this weekend was a shower jelly. Hubs mentioned jelly soaps years ago, but I thought they were...silly. We were at a store last weekend that rhymes with Mush, and I actually got to see these jellies in person for the first time. I sniffed. I poked. I investigated the label, and thought to myself "I can do this". I ordered some carrageenan. It arrived the next day. And sat for another week. Then I remembered what I ordered it for. #ChallengeAccepted

Oh my goodness, this one was fun. The bubbles in the pot, melting the surfactant down. I aimed to take a pic of the pot washing up on its own...but, hubs got his fingers in to play with it and that went upside down. Oh well. I got a lot of sparkle in these little gems, just because I can.

The end result isn't as goopy as the Mush version, but considering the consultant at the store admitted theirs break down really quickly after a few uses, I'm excited to see how well these hold up. They're squishy, and insanely bubbly. Not really jelly-like, but considering I know a few people who are weirded out by the wobbles, that's okay. And, best yet - I figured out why my bubble bath keeps going liquidy on me! Maybe that'll be next week's blog post. We shall see!

Let's lather up together again soon,


PS: Come see us next week at the Joseph Brant Day celebration! LaSalle Park, Burlington, August 6th, 11:00am-4:00pm.

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