Greening Beauty...what does that mean, exactly?

So many crafters claim to be ‘all natural’, ‘organic’ or ‘green’....but what does this actually mean to you, the consumer?

Many customers are well versed in what they like to use. They look for the bunny symbol, endorsements or know the chemistry behind the INCI codes. They expect crafters to know the where, why and how the raw products are used. Others love the look of products, or the scent without caring so much as to what goes into it.

In this industry, there’s so many different types of crafters. You have the ones who copy formulas, ‘recipes’ and buy bases offline, all the way to companies who start from scratch, using their own formulas and who can tell you why certain ingredients are included (can you guess where we fall?). Each has their own place, but today we’ll chat about misrepresentation in products.

When we use the terms ‘organic’ or ‘all natural’, did you know there isn’t actually a standard for these claims? Health Canada regulates our medical claims, labels, packaging and reporting, but doesn’t actually define organic or all natural? Anyone can claim this.

Safe formulating and good manufacturing standards require us to use preservatives when crafting with water in the final product, or in the chance water will come in contact with the product. There’s ecocert preservatives available, which basically means they can be considered organic. Examples of these include Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate. Most of the industry uses preservatives like optiphen or optiphen plus, which are formaldehyde- and paraben-free.

Our products are sourced as close to nature as possible, and always cruelty-free. We use organic when available, and all raw ingredients in our self-formulated products are a 2 or under on the EWG scale of safe products formulation.

When you craft from scratch, you have complete control of the process. It requires thorough research for the safest, most effective product possible. That’s the Lather & Bubble difference.

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