About Us


​At Lather & Bubble, we stand by our products with research, testing and ingredients chosen with the utmost of care. We strive to offer the purest, most natural ingredients wherever possible, and choose non-so-natural ingredients with 'best practise' standards in mind. From fun products that impart skin-loving oils such as bath bombs, soapy cupcakes and bubble scoops to lotions, balms and emulsified scrubs that moisturize and tantalize, there is bound to be something on these pages to suit your needs. And if not - we're pleased to provide you with a custom offering! Small batch handmade and handcrafted to wholesale, we can do it all.

Stay tuned for special promotions - including free local delivery to Burlington and the surrounding area (Hamilton, Milton, Mississauga and Oakville) with minimum purchase, introductory offers and contests! Find us at local markets and fairs! We ship twice a week across Canada as well, and encourage you to reach out with questions and inquiries. No question is ever a bad one!

At Lather & Bubble, we believe in transparency.

What you'll see:

  • An aim for 'Green' products - the majority of our ingredients are naturally derived, and are rated under 2 on he EWG scale

  • We source local as often as possible. You'll see Ontario honey, beeswax, tallow and lard in our soaps and other skincare products.

  • The experience only an owner educated in physiology , aromatherapy and hydrotherapy can provide.

  • Products made from our own skills, research and formulating. 

  • Truly beneficial and effective skincare.

Local, handcrafted, small business, work at home - thank you for your support. Thank you for your trust in Lather & Bubble.



Lather & Bubble started out as a dream.

Crystal went to college in the early 2000's...Massage Therapy, advanced diploma program. She enjoyed it - but there were components of it she enjoyed even more. Hydrotherapy....Aromatherapy....Small business programs. Throw in Nutrition and Crystal was hooked. Learning about the human body, its various components and the incredible way proper diet, supplements and self-care optimizes its functioning was eye opening. She became a RMT, obtained employment in a spa setting and enjoyed using her deeper understanding of aromatherapy to accentuate the client experience.
Over the years, she has used her knowledge to craft products for friends and family, and is now grateful to extend her care to you and yours.

Several years later, life has found Crystal married, with three children, living in the beautiful city of Burlington, Ontario. As the mother of two special needs children, her dedication to natural living and creating the best body products has taken on new motivation and meaning.